Seahorse Class Weekly Update 26/05/2023

We have had a lovely final week to this half term.We have all made our own sandwiches and put them in our hand decorated boxes or lunch bags. Years 1 and 2 then evaluated their lunchboxes and most children decided that they wanted to change something about their box such as adding a handle or making sure the lid fitted better. It was lovely to see all the children making their sandwiches and being excited by which filling they were going to have. It was a tough decision!

In maths we have been looking at length and how we measure objects. We have used rulers to measure everything in our pencil cases and found the longest item to be a 17cm pencil. In English we are all finishing our work on ‘Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain’. Year 1 and 2 have written their own version of the retelling of the poem. Meanwhile reception have been writing what they can see in different pictures from the poem and then listening to the poem.

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