Seahorse Class Weekly Update

19 October 2023

This week in English year 2 have been finishing their alternative traditional tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ by writing their own alternative traditional tale. Meanwhile, year 1 and Reception have used a clip from ‘Mr Benn Goes Ballooning’ to create a new outfit and adventure for him.

Having looked at and learnt about the history of planes this half term, we have ended it by making our own paper aeroplanes. First Key Stage 1 made a plane and tested it. They then evaluated their plane and looked at how they could change it to make it better. They then re-made their planes and wrote about which one they preferred. Some children were resourceful and used skills for making planes they had learnt outside of school.

Meanwhile, Reception have had a great time exploring the outdoors this week and looking at the changes that are happening in the world around us. They made ice and then on Wednesday the ice became part of an activity tray with shaving foam as snow with penguins and walruses. They had a great time getting messy and feeling the different textures and temperatures. They have also gone outside to observe and draw the flowers in the Sea Sanctuary Garden.

It has been a busy half term packed full of learning and fun. We are looking forward to seeing what we get to do next half term.

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