Seahorse Class Weekly Update 30/06/2023

Year one and two have started their new book ‘Jumanji’ and for those that know the films they are realising how different a book can be from a film. So far we have introduced to the children Peter and Judy and the box they have found. We know there is a game inside but that is all. Please no spoilers.

Meanwhile, reception have been doing their best writing to tell me ready for their reports what they are good at and what they would like to get better at.

In topic we have been looking at the artwork of local artist Samuel Thomas. The children have designed and drawn out ready to paint pictures of Africa in his style. They will use bright colours and only have the colours red, yellow, blue, white and black to make the colours needed.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of any chicks from the seven eggs we have. They are now on their hatching mat and Miss Lucas is sure she saw one wobbling this morning.

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