Seahorse Class Weekly Update

10 November 2023

This week we have been very collaborative. This has been most evident in maths when we were looking at doubling numbers. We worked with partners to make a number and then double it. We then said our stem sentence, for example “double 2 is 4”. What has been lovely is those who have been more confident with their doubles and recall have challenged themselves to make their doubles up to 15. Year 2 have supported year 1 with this which has been great to see. 

In topic, Key Stage 1 have moved on to geography and have been looking at the United Kingdom and its capitals. We then moved on to learning the 7 different continents and a discussion about if we call a continent Oceania, Australia or Australasia. We have then ordered the continents from largest in size to smallest as well as learning a very catchy song.

Reception have been working very hard on their sounds and have now completed phase 2. This means they have learnt 23 different sounds. Some of these are digraphs (2 letters making 1 sound). They are beginning to use all their sounds more in their reading and writing.

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