Seahorse Class Weekly Update


This week we have had great fun with our new surfer seats. Year one have been using them for the Drawing Club and have shown us how they work. They have sat really well on them so they are balanced and not changed the presentation of their work. Mr Hopkins even had a go! We have all been using the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers this week. It has created some lovely writing about the penguin and the boy. Year 2 have then gone on to write fact files about penguins. They have used a range of knowledge and worked really hard to ensure their handwriting is neat. Meanwhile in Drawing Club, year 1 and reception have looked at how they can help the boy when his boat is sinking.

In maths, years 1 and 2 have been making numbers using the numicon and dienes, looking at the number of tens and the number of ones to make it. We have been using the stem sentence ‘There are 3 tens and 4 ones. The number is 34.’ Reception have been introduced to the numbers 4 and 5. They have looked at how to form the number, what it looks like on a five frame and different ways we can join 4 or 5 cubes and the shapes they make.

In topic, Key Stage 1 have carried on learning about Amelia Earheart and her journey. This has also been linked in with our work on the continents and compass points. The children have pretended to be Amelia flying across the world and navigating to the different compass points. We have also been busy learning our song for the Christmas performance. We can now sing nearly all of the song without the words. We have also been busy cleaning some of the toys that we had used in the garden so we can use them inside.

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