Shark Class Weekly Update

12 January 2024

The Sharks have hit the ground running in the New Year, diving head first into their learning and really engaging with our new topic – Guardians of the Planet! So far this week, we have; 

  • Started writing our stories based on different cultures focused around Maha and the Elephant. The children have written some beautiful descriptions of the sea in Thailand, the mysterious islands off the coast and the beauty of the elephants walking the forest paths. I cannot wait to find out what happens when a new and serious threat appears in time for our Long Independent Writes next week!
  • Looked into increasingly small decimal numbers to finish off our Number & Place Value unit. We started at tenths, moved on to hundredths and now we are studying thousandths as well as comparing numbers with the same and different amount of decimals. We will be moving on to looking at Multiplication and Division beginning on Monday.
  • Begun to understand how the world is divided up using lots of different lines and zones such as the Arctic & Antarctic circles, the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn, and the Equator. We also looked at how we can use these coordinates of Latitude and Longitude to find different places on earth by using very similar rules to when we use coordinates in Maths.

All in all, it has been a busy and productive week in Upper Key Stage 2 and has set the class up very well to continue their learning throughout this half-term!

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