Shark Class Weekly Update

2 February 2024

It’s been an exciting week in our classroom, filled with learning and accomplishments.

In our Maths lessons, the students have shown remarkable progress in understanding area and perimeter. Their achievements in the baseline assessments mean that we’re ready to delve into the fascinating world of multiplying and dividing decimals and fractions. I’m thrilled to see their enthusiasm for tackling these new challenges.

In English, we wrapped up our exploration of formal letters with the students crafting impressive pieces. Following that, we embarked on a Long Independent Write, where the children penned letters to Mr. Hopkins, aiming to spark positive changes throughout the school. Their creativity and passion for making a difference truly shone through.

Our Topic lessons have been equally engaging as we delved into the diverse biomes found around the globe. This exploration sets the stage for an exciting project next week—creating models of these biomes using mod-roc.

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