Shark Class Weekly Update 19/05/2023

Sharks have had a wonderful week this week with things beginning to return to normality. In Maths, our Year 5s have finished off their unit on shape – learning how to use a protractor and ruler to accurately measure the angles and sides of shapes, as well as how to draw 3D shapes on isometric paper. Whilst this was happening, our Year 6s undertook several maths based investigations and challenges including making every number from 1 to 30 using 1,2,3,4 and the four operations.

In English, we have started writing narratives around the book ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’, we’ve had some brilliant sentence stacking sessions and wonderful ideas shared throughout and I cannot wait to read through their short independent writes this weekend.The rest of the week has been given over to Science, where we have started looking at Materials and their properties. This has involved planning, setting up, undertaking and then writing up an experiment looking at thermal conductors and insulators to help design the inside lining of a lunchbox.
We are all working very hard and are looking forward to starting the last week of this half-term before a well earned rest!

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