Shark Class Weekly Update 28/04/2023

Sharks have been extremely busy this week with lots of new learning, revising and preparation for SATs in two weeks time. All of the children have finished their wonderful stories about the Blue Umbrella (including more than a few very cringey compliments from Blue to Red!). We have also looked at the Water Cycle and how it relates directly to the creation and maintenance of the Norfolk Broads. This lead to Year 5s researching Peat and modern energy production, including the creation of non-chronological reports on the future of energy and the successes/challenges we face in producing energy moving forwards. In Maths, we’ve discovered a surprisingly easy way of calculating percentages of amounts and spent the week ensuring we are all confident in our arithmetic abilities. I’m very proud of how well Sharks are rising to the challenge and can’t wait to see how they do.

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