Shark Class Weekly Update 29/09/2023

It has been a very productive week for Sharks, even in Mr Wilson’s brief absence, and they should all be very proud of the work they have done! In our writing, we’ve started our non-chronological reports based around Terry Deary’s Horrible Histories – I am very excited to see their independently produced ones next week! In maths, we have shifted our focus towards subtraction and this has been met with great success. The children have been using pictorial and written methods to explore what happens when we cross over the 10s and 100s to help their understanding of number. We’ve also looked at 3 different ways we can count in 9s if caught in a pinch.

Finally, in topic we have been looking at the use of RADAR in the Dowding System to help defend our skies from the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain, including an excellent role-played raid which we have attached photos for. We had a lot of fun pretending to be radar operators, AA gunners and fighter pilots!

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