Shark Class Weekly Update

19 October 2023

We have made it to the end of this incredibly packed half-term! We have learned so much, practised many skills and produced some brilliant quality work over the last seven weeks, so much so that we can barely process just how much! 

This week, we have been finishing off our Newspaper Reports in English, with a focus on building the nation’s morale after the devastating defeat at Dunkirk. There have been some wonderful headlines such as ‘Dunkirk Disaster Diverted!’ and ‘The B.E.F. Brought Back Our Boys!’, creative interviews and some excellent use of emotive language.

In Maths, we have focused on 4-digit addition and subtraction skills, including how to make some really tricky calculations with big numbers like 300,000 – 5,000 really simple by making everything 1000x smaller. We also had a very brief tour with square numbers so we can shake off the misconception that we just ‘multiply it by 2’.

Finally, our Topic work has been all about the German plan for the invasion of the UK known as ‘Operation Sealion’. We’ve studied the plans, looked at their preparation and came to the conclusion that… It really wasn’t actually a very good plan at all! We finished off the week’s work with some beautiful watercolour backgrounds for our sketches. We can’t wait to add colour to the planes themselves once we return after the half term.

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