Shark Class Weekly Update


Sharks have had a wonderfully curious week this week. We have been using our senses to observe and discover some of the wondrous things Lucy spots as she emerges from the wardrobe into the magical realm of Narnia, as we’ve begun writing our first Narrative tales of the term. It has been wonderful to read through their work and see all of the brilliant descriptions they’ve been able to come up with – expanded noun phrases, similes, emotive language, fronted adverbials and even a slight cliff-hanger as something comes towards her, rustling the bushes!

In Maths, the Sharks have begun looking into adding and subtracting some much bigger numbers, some with as many as 6-digits, and what we’ve found out is that they do not bother us in the slightest! We have mastered 3, 4, and 5-digit column methods so why should 6, 7 or even 12 digits hold us back?! It has been lovely to see their confidence increasing lesson by lesson.

In Topic, we have begun looking at Science and the different ways we classify living things within our natural world. There have been some interesting discussions about the ramifications of indo and exo-skeletons, whether an octopus is an arachnid, and whether the Duck-billed Platypus really is a mammal… All in all, it has been a very interesting week! Well done Sharks.

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