Shark Class Weekly Update


Sharks have had a very busy week! As this term is drawing to a close, the learning shows no signs of slowing down!

In Maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction, as well as learning a few ‘teacher cheats’ to help us work out tricky calculations in simple, speedy ways when we are doing our assessments. We’ve also been seeing some great progress with our Multiplication Monday challenge where we have been seeing new people reach Level 3 every week so far this half term!

In English, we have finished off our narratives based on the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. On Thursday, we spent the morning creating and writing about our own magical world that we can access through a portal in an unexpected place. I cannot wait to read through all of the wonderful description and characterisation added by the children when I go through their work over the weekend.

In Topic, we have taken a brief detour away from The Battle of Britain in order to look at classification, adaptation and Darwin’s theory of ‘Natural Selection’ dictating which animals live and which ones no longer exist. It has been incredibly interesting seeing their ideas and knowledge develop. We also had great fun trying to design a creature that would face numerous challenges during its attempt to survive for 1 million years.

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