Shark Class Weekly Update


It has been assessment week here in Sharks class, and I can honestly say I have been blown away by the progress made by all of the children. Some of the Year 6s doubled, or even tripled individual scores and it just shows how all of our hard work will pay off in the end.

In English, we have been looking at the life of Charles Darwin as we begin to write a biography. We have so far covered his early life and the invite to set sail upon The Beagle. Some of the language used has been brilliant, really painting a picture of his life before becoming a world-renowned naturalist.

In Topic this week, we have been focusing on science! Specifically, we have been looking at how fossils are created… This culminated with us having a go at creating our own. I’m sure you will agree that we are off to a strong start and I can’t wait to see the finished items next week.

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