Shark Class Weekly Update

8 December 2023

What a week! It has been full on in Sharks this week as we begin winding our Battle of Britain topic to a close with a wonderful experience day provided by Black Knight Historical as well as rehearsals in full swing ahead of next week’s Christmas Production. 

The children have kept up very very well and some of the questions being asked around WW2 were incredibly thoughtful and curious. We had people holding a Lee Enfield rifle like they were a Private on the shooting range, learned each individual salute for the separate Armed Forces and spent some time looking at just how little cheese you get for an entire week whilst rationing! In the afternoon, we ran an assault course, de-coded a secret message about an invasion from Germany and had a go at turning old hessian sheets into high-end rugs to brighten up the war-time living room. With just one more full week of learning left, we are all very excited to see what else is left before we all take a very well deserved rest!

Well done Sharks.

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