Starfish Weekly Update 06/10/2023

Starfish have had another busy week!

We have been looking at Winter this week and talking about what weather we might see in Winter. The children particularly enjoyed talking about snow and loved creating patterns, shapes and building mountains in the glittery ‘snow’ in the tuff tray. By the end of the day, it looked like it had snowed in the classroom!

We then chose to go on a walk around the field to have a look and see if the leaves had started to change colour. Whilst most were green, we found some yellow and brown leaves scattered around. The children then enjoyed some time on the trim trail, navigating their way across the equipment before playing in the construction part of the Sea Sanctuary Garden. 

It was also World Animal Day on Wednesday so we have spent the week looking at different animals and talking about which animals are our favourite. Outside we created our own farmyard using tractors, farm houses and animals. We asked the children to think about how they would help to look after the animals and what jobs farmers would need to do. 

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