Starfish Class Weekly Update

3 November 2023

Starfish have had a busy week filled with spooky fun and celebrations!

On Monday the children came back buzzing with their half term news. Taking turns, the children shared what they got up to over their week off, where they went and who they spent it with. 

In the tuff tray, the children enjoyed exploring the pumpkins, using the various tools to scoop out the seeds and share them between the cups and bowls. The children found that the bigger spoons were better for getting the most seeds out at once because they were bigger. 

On Tuesday, we had a busy morning making iced Halloween biscuits and Marshmallow Monsters ready for our party in the afternoon. The children dressed up and enjoyed dancing to the Halloween music, playing with the balloons and seeing how far they could bounce their balloon across the classroom. We ended our Halloween party with our specially made treat and the story ‘Room on the Broom’. 

At the end of the week, we talked about Bonfire night and looked at different pictures and videos of fireworks. The children then pretended to be fireworks, jumping and bouncing as high as they could and making loud popping and banging noises. 

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