Starfish Class Weekly Update


In Starfish this week, we have introduced our new topic – Places.

We asked the children to think about where they live and who they live with, where they come for school and all the different places they have been with their families. The children came up with lots of ideas and together we made a list. We also talked about how everyone is different and how we all live with different people and have been to different places, talking about our similarities and differences. 

The children have also been working on their fine motor skills. Using the playdough, the children created different shapes and patterns using the cutters and rolling pins. They were brilliant at sharing and remembering to ask nicely for the resources they needed and wanted. 

Starfish have met a new Monster Phonic Character this week. We have met U-Hoo and have read his story and learnt what sound he makes. The children have been brilliant at remembering the characters we have met so far – Angry Red A, Yellow I, Green Froggy, Cool Blue and now U-Hoo. 

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