Starfish Class Weekly Update

10 November 2023

It has been another busy week in Starfish, with the children learning about Diwali and Remembrance Day this week. 

At the beginning of the week we talked about Diwali, what it is and why it is celebrated. The children were intrigued by the Festival of Lights and we linked it back to the fireworks they had seen over the weekend, talking about the colours and shapes of the fireworks and how bright they were. In the tuff tray, the children used different colours to trace the patterns on the hand prints and create their own patterns. The children worked hard on holding their pencils correctly by using the tripod grip.

We have also talked about Remembrance Day this week and the children noticed that the adults were wearing poppies. We talked about why it is important to remember all the people who have helped keep us safe and why wearing a poppy shows that we are thanking them too. 

The wet weather hasn’t stopped us from being outside this week and the children have been working hard on becoming more independent when putting on their welly boots and coats, trying first before asking an adult for help. Outside, the children have been in the mud kitchen and the playhouse, making soups and hot drinks to warm us up!

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