Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 12/05/2023

Wow! What another super week Starfish have had. 

We have continued our animal topic and have been looking at Sea Creatures this week. Using our sea themed tuff tray, the children have been talking about all the different animals you might find in the sea. Throughout the week we have also had sea themed background music playing, and looked at how animals move under the sea. The children particularly liked pretending to be crabs and moving sideways around the classroom.

We then read the ‘Rainbow Fish’ story and talked about how unkind the Rainbow Fish was at the beginning. The children told us what they should’ve done and how we are kind in Starfish class, making sure we try hard to share, take turns and include everyone in our play. 

Our older children were asking about what happens when they go to Seahorse Class in September, particularly where their new classroom will be in and what door they will be picked up from. To fulfil our curiosity, we took a walk around the main school and had a look to see which door they would be dropped off at, which door they would be picked up from and where their new class would be. We also said hello to all the adults we saw on the way, including Miss Lucas and Mr Hopkins.

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