Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 14/07/2023

With only one week left to go, Starfish have been busy preparing for the next school year.

At the beginning of the week, our older children had two transition events where they spent a whole morning in their new class ready for when they start in Reception in September. When they came back to Starfish, the children were keen to talk about what they had got up to and how they were feeling about leaving Starfish. We talked about the different emotions and how it’s okay to feel worried or nervous but it’s still an exciting next chapter for them. 

We have continued our shape learning this week by looking at the sensory shapes and describing a circle, square, triangle and rectangle. The children have been using this knowledge in their play by telling the adults what shapes they can see and what they are using them for. 

After having a change of dressing up clothes, the children were keen to try the new costumes on and create their own stories. One of the favourites was the Gruffalo costume where the children practised their roaring and stomping, looking for a mouse to eat! 

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