Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 16/06/2023

What beautiful weather we have had this week and Starfish have made the most of it!

In Starfish we have started our new topic which is all about the Seaside and this week the children have been sharing when they have been to the beach, who they went with and what they have done there. The children tried really hard to take turns during conversations and listen to their peers. So the weather has fitted our topic really well!

To help keep us cool, the children have had lots of ‘ice play’. On Tuesday they had the challenge of using different tools and resources to try and get the ice out of the cones. We talked about how we put water in the freezer to make ice and how heat and the sun can melt the ice. The children were resilient and creative, working collaboratively to release the ice from the cones. 

The children have also been making cards for Father’s Day this week where we have talked about the special people in our lives and who we would give our cards to. They worked really hard to make their cards special by choosing the colour card and paint they wanted, and signing the cards themselves.

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