Starfish Preschool Weekly Update 28/04/2023

Starfish have had a super busy week.

We have spent lots of time in our outside area, building sandcastles and making tracks in the sand, practising our football skills and drawing on the whiteboards in the shed. Even the rain hasn’t stopped us from being outside! The children have told us that we need coats on with our hoods up when it rains. 

Starfish have continued their topic learning and this week we have been looking at Zoo Animals. The children have been telling us about their visits to the zoo, what animals they saw and which one was their favourite. We then practised being those animals, moving around the classrooms and making different animal sounds. The children were brilliant at thinking about how different animals moved!

In English, we have now looked back at all the Monster Phonic characters and learnt their names and what sounds they make. In the tuff tray, the children then had to find all the Monsters hidden in the sand and tell the adult which Monster they had found.

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