Starfish Weekly Update – 08/09/2023

We may have only been in school two days this week, but they have been an amazing two days!

The children have been very excited to come back to Starfish and tell us all their news from the 6 weeks holiday, making sure they took turns, using their listening ears to know when to talk and when to listen to their friends. 

Starfish have also been busy exploring the classroom this week, and looking at the different areas. They have been especially keen to paint in our new painting tray. Using only 3 colours, the children used their imagination to paint people, places and objects describing what they got up to during the summer. 

In our outside area, the children have tried to keep cool by playing with ice and water in the tuff tray and chose to add a variety of sea creatures to splash around with. 

In the mud kitchen, Starfish have used the bark and water to create different flavoured pies and teas for the adults and their friends to try. They even reminded us to blow on our food in case it was too hot!

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