Starfish Weekly Update

2 February 2024

Starfish have had an amazing week!

This week we have been focusing on who helps our animals. We talked about our pets and where we take them when they are poorly, and who might look after animals that live in zoos and animal shelters. The children then used our first aid kits and the toy animals to help role play being a vet and making the animals feel better. 

In our creative tray, the children have been exploring paint colours and mixing these together to make new colours. When most of the paint had been mixed together, the children noticed they could make marks in the paint and began to draw pictures, patterns and even some of the letters of their name.

The children have also been mark making outside on the chalkboards; writing the first letter of their name and even other letters, for example, an ‘M’ for Mum! 
Starfish have also been working on their collaborative skills and have been playing together, sharing their ideas to extend their play. They have tried really hard to listen to each other and have supported some of our newer children to join in too!

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