Starfish Weekly Update

9 February 2024

Starfish Preschool

Starfish have had a busy week developing their maths skills!

At the beginning of the week, the children used the dinosaurs and the numbered footprints to count and match the correct amount of dinosaurs to the footprint. They then moved them around to try and fit all the dinosaurs onto the footprint, even when there were 10 of them!

The children have then carried on their number learning with the help of the Numberblock characters. Using the multilink cubes, the children tried to recreate each character, making sure they had the correct amount of cubes for the right character. We also talked about the shapes of the cubes and what colours they could see. 

To then further their colour and shape knowledge, the children made some pictures using potato printing. With different shapes cut into the potato halves and different coloured paints, the children talked about the shapes and colours they could see. They then combined these to make new shapes and looked at colour mixing again. 

We ended our week by talking about Chinese New Year. We looked at the story and all the different animals in the story.

To celebrate, the children got a chance to try some Chinese food for their snack. We had a feast of rice, noodles, sweet and sour sauce and prawn crackers. There were lots of happy faces at the end of snack time on Friday!

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