Starfish Weekly Update

1 March 2024

Starfish have had a brilliant first week back after the half term. 

We have started the week by looking at healthy eating. We looked at the five different food groups and the children enjoyed completing the food groups puzzles. When completed, the children talked about what foods they could see, what they have at home and which items they like best.  Over snack time, the children then reminded each other that we need to eat our fruit before our savoury item as fruit is the healthier option. 

The children have also been working on their fine motor skills this week. Using the screwdrivers and various screw shapes, making Numberblock characters out of the multilink cubes and putting the puzzle pieces together have helped the children to work on the strength in their hands. They have shown resilience and kept trying when the cubes haven’t quite fitted together or the screws struggled to come out of the board, finding new ways to solve their problems. 

Starfish have also been looking back at Nursery Rhymes this week, using the cards and finger puppets to sing their favourite songs and act them out. One of the most requested rhymes was ‘Wheels on the Bus’ with the children choosing each verse and the actions to go with it.

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