Starfish Weekly Update

19 October 2023

Starfish have had a lovely end to our first half term!

At the beginning of the week, we introduced another Monster Phonic character and the children have now met Angry Red A, Yellow I and Green Froggy. Starfish have loved learning about each character and playing with the characters in their choosing time. 

We have now finished our Weather Topic and have  been talking about our favourite type of weather to play in. The children mostly said they liked it when it rained so they could splash in the puddles the rain left!

On Tuesday, our older children had a special treat of going to our local cafe for lunch. We walked down to the cafe, remembering our road safety by holding an adult’s hand and wearing our high visibility jackets. The children were very polite, saying please and thank you when asking for their beans on toast and hot chocolate with marshmallows and trying hard to use their knife and fork whilst eating. We are very proud of how grown up and independent Starfish were in the cafe!

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