Starfish Weekly Update 22/09/2023

Starfish have had a super week, focusing on the different weather we have seen this week!

At the beginning of the week, the children noticed that the rain had left lots of puddles in the outside area. So we put on our welly boots and coats and enjoyed splashing in the puddles. The children then told us that the animals in the outside area were thirsty and needed a drink so gathered them up and made sure they all had a big drink!
The children have also been busy inside the classroom. Using the foam bricks, they have been building walls and towers, seeing how tall they can make them. They especially enjoyed making towers taller than themselves and then knocking them down!

We have also used the playdough and tools to make different shapes and patterns. The children chose their favourite colour and then used a variety of tools and cutters to express their ideas. They loved experimenting with the different shapes they could make!

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