Starfish Weekly Update

What another busy week we’ve had in Starfish! 

Throughout the week, the children have been working hard on their number skills. One of the activities the children have had out are the dinosaurs and their numbered footprints. We set out the dinosaur footprints with numbers 1-10 and the children placed all the dinosaurs around them, matching the correct amount of dinosaurs to each footprint. 

The children have also been showing us their creative and collaborative skills as well this week. In the messy tuff tray, the children explored different coloured paints by using different tools to make patterns and mix the colours. They loved finding out what each tool did and mixing all the colours together. 
We have also continued with our topic learning by talking about where we live and who we live with. The children were able to use pictures and the building blocks to talk about their homes, what rooms they had and whether they had stairs in their house or not. 

Coastal Together

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