Starfish Weekly Update

8 December 2023

Christmas has finally arrived at Starfish! 

At the end of last week, the children helped to decorate the classroom, and in particular the Christmas tree! They were brilliant at taking turns to put the baubles on the tree and the older ones were amazing at helping the younger children and making sure they got a turn to decorate too. 

We have also had a visitor from the North Pole come and join us for the rest of term. Meet Tinsel the Elf! Tinsel is here to help spread joy and cheer in Starfish whilst maybe getting up to a little mischief… 

In Maths, Starfish have been working on their number skills this week. With the help of the Numberblock characters, the children have been learning how to carefully count and find the right amount of objects for each number. The children have then been able to extend this into their play, by counting how many bricks they have when creating towers or how many trains are riding along the train track. 

The children have also been working on their fine motor skills in the creative area. Using old Christmas cards, scissors and glue, the children have been creating their own Christmas collages. They talked about what colours and pictures they liked the best and told me how they were being safe with the scissors – by sitting down at the table and holding them sensibly when moving around with them.  

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