Starfish Weekly Update

15 December 2023

We have continued with our Christmas festivities this week and have been using our creativity to make cards, decorations and even some special Christmas Chocolate.

At the beginning of the week, the children worked with an adult to make their families a Christmas card and a special Christmas ornament. They were amazing at listening to the instructions to paint and decorate the front of their card before each having a go at making a mark or even writing their name in their card. 

Tinsel the Elf has been out and about as well this week, choosing different activities to delight the children with each morning. One of the favourite activities that was out was the Santa Workshop tray. The children enjoyed role playing being Santa, the elves and the reindeer, and creating stories centred around Christmas Eve. In the tray, there was a long gold chain. The children began thinking about how long it was and started to measure it against the chairs, tables and themselves, talking about if it was shorter or longer. 

On Tuesday afternoon, the children made an extra special treat for their gift bags that will go home at the end of the week. After melting the chocolate, the children used wintery sprinkles, smarties as baubles and marshmallow snowballs to decorate. 

And we ended our week with our Christmas Celebration Morning on Friday where the children got to wear some Christmas outfits, they had a special Christmas dinner snack and enjoyed dancing to Christmas music!

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