Starfish Weekly Update

19 January 2024

It has been a cold, wintery week in Starfish but that has not stopped the children!

On Monday, the children got very excited to see that it was snowing. So we wrapped up and ran outside to watch the snow fall. The children loved watching it and trying to catch it in their hands or even on their tongue! After some time spent outside, we then came in to warm up with a treat of hot chocolate at snack time. 

This week, we have also been exploring shapes and patterns. The children used paint and different sponges and rollers in the tuff tray to mix the colours together and make patterns. Starfish have also been looking at books, pictures and some of the toys to find patterns, shapes and colours and have been telling the adults what ones they have found. 

For Phonics, the children have continued their Monster Phonic learning and have met another character this week – Miss Oh No. Most of the children already knew who she was and guessed that she might be clumsy as she has a bandage on her head. 

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