Starfish Weekly Update

26 January 2024

Starfish Preschool

The children have had a very caring week in Starfish this week. 

We have been busy talking about people who help us, naming people like doctors, nurses, vets, teachers and our mums and dads. The children have been using the first aid kits to play doctors and help each other to feel better after ‘hurting’ their legs, arms and heads. They were brilliant at making sure their ‘patients’ were all bandaged up!

The children have also been role playing with the pirate ship. Each pirate has been given their own name and personality and the children have been using this to help extend their play, making stories about where the pirates have been sailing to and what treasure they might find there. 

We then sat on the carpet and got into partners, singing along to ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ and pretending to be the boats. The children loved learning the different verses and singing all together. 

Starfish have also continued their phonics learning and have now met Brown Owl. They are doing so well at remembering the characters’ names, the sounds they make and facts about the Monsters. 

Coastal Together

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