Starfish Weekly Update


We have had another super week in Starfish.

Throughout the week, we have continued with our weather topic and have been looking at Spring. After talking about the different weather we might see in Spring, we made a ‘Starfish Tree’. We used different shades of green and each placed a fingerprint on a branch of the tree. Over the year, new starters will add to it until we have a full tree!

Starfish have also been busy baking this week. Together, we measured and mixed the ingredients before rolling out the dough and cutting out different shapes. The classroom smelled delicious when they were baking! We had them the next day at snack and the children were really proud of being able to bake biscuits for themselves and their friends for snack time. 

The children have also been working on their phonics knowledge this week. We have started to introduce the Monster Phonic characters and have met Angry Red A and Yellow I so far. Starfish have been keen to read their stories, learning about the Monsters and learning what sounds they make. I wonder who we will meet next week?

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