Dolphin Class Weekly Update 26/05/2023

Dolphins have had a very creative end to this half term. Firstly, we were styrofoam printing, starting by designing four ideas for windmill stamps in our topic book, then we created the stamps by stencilling our designs onto styrofoam, which we found to be quite challenging. Once our stamps were completed we rolled ink onto them and printed with different colours onto our sheets of paper. The children really enjoyed this activity and created some wonderful pieces of art.  

In the second half of the week; in topic we have been designing and creating our own water wheel in DT. We again designed our wheels before going onto creating them using paper cups and plates. It was great to see the high levels of collaboration going on in the classroom, with all the children helping one another to complete their builds. Testing will be completed on Friday afternoon to see how effective our wheels will be. 

Elsewhere, in English we have been finishing our work with the book The Rhythm of the Rain, where children have been able to write some great pieces of writing on a journey of a droplet of water on its way around the water cycle.  

In mathematics we have been finishing our unit of work on money, where this week we have been focusing on finding change and problem solving. The children have shown great knowledge and understanding while working with money and have even created their own shopping lists of items they would like to purchase from Argos if they had £50 to spend (other retailers are available).

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