Dolphins/Sharks Class Weekly Update

15 December 2023

Key Stage 2

This week has all been about one thing and one thing only – The Christmas Performance!  Dolphins & Sharks have been excellent, working hard to learn their lines, remembering lyrics to new songs and organising dance routines, and that’s before we started worrying about costumes, props and all of the other bits and bobs that need to come together to pull off a cracking Nativity – It has been great to see everyone pull together and make the most of this opportunity to perform.

When they haven’t been practising or performing, KS2 have spent time this week working on their Personal Projects. Their goal was to make a presentation about something they were interested in by researching and sharing their ideas via Google Slides. I am really looking forward to learning all about the game of Futsal, the History of Games Consoles, The various Furys of the How to Train Your Dragon universe and much much more. Keep up the enthusiasm, only three more days to go!

Coastal Together

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