Seahorse, Dolphin and Shark Classes Weekly Update – What’s on the Map Project Week

We have had such an amazing week completing our ‘On the map’ project. We started off with an assembly introducing it and our focus on apples. We talked about why we had picked apples and had the suggestion that it was because our school logo is a tree. In part it is but we have also been told that several hundred years ago an orchard for the priory was on what is now the school grounds. How true this is we can not confirm but if you have any information to support this, it would be great to hear from you! Each class has worked really hard this week and it has been great to see what they have all managed to do. It was especially lovely to see so many parents turn up to buy our apple muffins, apple sausage rolls and apple tart.

In Seahorse class this week our first job once having eaten our apples was to plant the seeds. We then needed to make our invitations for adults to come to buy the food we were making later in the week. To do this we first looked at invitations and worked out what we needed to include. We then made our own invitations which were then handed out to go home. Throughout the week we have been busy with creating apple art based on the work of Kadinsky and Warhol. We have been drawing, printing, cutting and creating wax resistant artwork. 

In Dolphins, we started the week by eating a delicious apple, pulling out the 5 seeds (all apples have 5 seeds as the flower has 5 petals on it) and planting them. Next we designed and created collage artworks inspired by the apples we had eaten. There were lots of creative ideas including apples, bowls of fruit, apple trees, toffee apples and more. On Tuesday, we were tasked with calculating how many ingredients were needed for our delicious muffin, sausage rolls and apple tarts and gave the shopping list to Seahorses ready for them to go shopping. Wednesday we had an amazing time visiting Cavell Orchard in Swardeston, where children were able to investigate an orchard, learning about apples, the different trees and the animals and insects that help keep the trees healthy. We then learnt how apple juice was made and then were able to taste a range of different apple juices and honey, before receiving our beeswax candle and heading home. 

The Sharks have had a very busy week, it feels like there has been something new happening every day! We began our week with everyone else in a launch assembly, but before we could enjoy trying our apples, we spent some time creating accurate sketches of them. We then repeated this after taking a bite so that we could capture how the shapes change. We used our sketches to help us model the shapes we would need to create using tinfoil in order to begin our Apple Statues. Once this was finished (and all of the apples eaten and seeds collected) we covered the foil in several layers of mod-roc to build up some structure and add the details. We are hoping to sand, paint and polish these up early next week as they have been taking a very long time to dry between stages! On top of all of the Apple-y goodness, we’ve had a visit from Premier Sport helping us with our life-skills and maths and then some of us have spent Friday Afternoon at the care-home sharing stories with the elderly. All in all, a good week all round!

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